About us

Rogla Trail is organized by LTO Rogla – Pohorje.
Rogla Trail is supported by “Partnership for Pohorje” and herein included municipalities.


LTO Rogla – Pohorje, GIZ

The Rogla – Pohorje Tourist Destination follows green tourism at every step. That’s why we are a proud recipient of the Slovenia Green Destination Gold certificate and also one of the TOP 100 Most Sustainable Destinations 2021. All this is indisputable evidence that sustainability and commitment to nature are not just two words written on a paper. Now is the time to be an active, healthy and sustainable destination. The new Rogla Trail event enables a genuine contact with Pohorje forests and is at the same time environmentally and nature friendly.

The Rogla-Pohorje Tourist Destination stretches across the mighty Pohorje, reigned by Rogla, past the wine-growing hills, where it aligns with the calming Dravinja valley. Hidden Vitanje, touristy Zreče, white Oplotnica and picturesque Slovenske Konjice are magical places with energy of Pohorje, gems of nature, remarkable history – and the greatest treasure of all: friendly people.

These people know exactly why they are inviting you with a slogan: Explore, Feel, Enjoy.



You can also reach us by
public transport!

Take the train to Poljčane (from the direction of Maribor) or to Celje (from the direction of Ljubljana), then continue with bus to Zreče and afterwards to Rogla.

  • Check the train timetable here.
  • Check the bus timetable here

Practical tips for the participants

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